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  • 30 Days Ago
    Loved mask, very comfortable and easy to decorate.
  • 30 Days Ago
    Looked good on my granddaughter and she liked the adjustable loops a lot
  • 30 Days Ago
    If I put them on right my glasses do not fog up. And the ear loops are adjustable. So you can wear them alone or with a headband. Just wish there were more colors. But very happy with them
  • 30 Days Ago
    Great fit, able to easily breathe through.
  • 30 Days Ago
    I like the colors and the way it fits over the ears.
  • 30 Days Ago
    I was surprised at how comfortable they were there are lightweight and easy to breathe out of
  • 30 Days Ago
    Comfortable and breathable.
  • 30 Days Ago
    This exactly what I was looking, . I use this a layer beneath the regular disposable mask to avoid the irritation/itching caused by the pilling & loose fibers from the non-woven-melt-blown fabric.However, as male, I don't like/need the white and pink. More colors choices/combinations can be added.
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