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White Disposable KF94 Face Masks 20 Pcs, 4 Layer Filters, Made in Korea

White Disposable KF94 Face Masks 20 Pcs, 4 Layer Filters, Made in Korea Item NO.: 1617781

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  • Premium KF94 Mask (Easy Breathing)
  • KFDA approved, FDA Registered (QKR Code)
  • GREAT SAFETY - 4-Layer Protection with high quality MB filter
  • ANTI-TROUBLE SKIN AND EASY BREATHING - Made with Eco-Friendly fabric for Anti-Trouble Skin and structured to let you breathe more comfortable and easy with
  • Made in Korea / Authentic English Packaging
Product Name White Disposable KF94 Face Masks 20 Pcs, 4 Layer Filters, Made in Korea
Item NO. 1617781
Weight 0.15 kg = 0.3307 lb = 5.2911 oz
Category N95/KN95 Mask
Tag KF94 Face Masks
Creation Time 2019-03-15


4-layered, highly effective filter for protection from air pollution and fine dust.

3-dimensional structure increasing breathing space.

Adjustable nose clip Providing non-slip wear and reducing heat and moisture accumulation.

Elastic ear loops making itself comfortable to wear.

How to use:

Place mask over nose and mouth.

Place each cord around your ears.

Adjust the nose clip for the best fit.

Pull the edge of the mask up and down to ensure there is a tight fit.






This mask filters out most airborne particles, protecting wearers from exposure to harmful tiny particles down to 0.4um in diameter by the innovative technology.


Structured to cover from your nose to chin, and from your left to your right jaw, our masks give you better protection and are less smeared from foundation, lipstick etc.


The materials are made in Korea with hygienic protection. It's featuring elastic ear loop, pose less press to ears and face, avoid the uncomfortableness from long-time use.



Do not place any cover under the mask.

When damaged, soiled or polluted inside, stop the use and dispose.

Do not wash.

Do not give any variation to the mask.

Do not touch the outer surface once you wear.

If you are having problems breathing using the mask, talk to doctors and experts before further use.

Do not use In a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high.

Do not use in presence of high intensity heat source of flammable gas.

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This style creates a peak over your nose for easier breathing. Because of that peak it cuts down on my eyeglasses fogging up.I have brought these masks twice.



slightly stiffer than I expected but fits well and is comfortable.



Very soft, I can tell the seal is better, it's a little big for my face, but I tie the loops and it fits quite snug around my face, this fits my husbands face well. gives a decent seal, it is harder to breath through them, but still comfortable. make sure to brush your teeth well and chew some xylitol gum ha ha!Now I'm ready for subways and delta. D*** all the unmasking New Yorkers in the subways :{



Easier to breath with these because they sit away from your nose and mouth.



The different shape of this mask makes it easier to breathe and it stays in place on your face when you talk, unlike most others I have tried that slip down off the nose. I bought them to try because they were made in Korea, not China. Happy to have them on hand if again needed in public and for cleaning dust and pollen at home. Worth the price.



good fit and well made. Easy to adjust so my glasses don't fog up



This mask was made high quality and very well individually packed. wearing this mask was comfortable and breathable. It adds additional security guard from Covid. Especially for people had 2 dose vaccine, I believe wearing this mask can keep me away from Virus attacking.



Very comfortable and easy to breathe in, while at work all day. My supervisor recommended these masks, and another co-worker purchased them as well.



Well made and comfortable. Finally a design I can settle on.



Best of Best mask



The mask is comfortable to wear & gorgeous



Excelente producto

30 Days Ago


It it very comfortable and easy to wear

30 Days Ago


I wanted disposable masks that provided a good fit and seal, and were not too hard to breathe through, to wear on long-haul international flights. These fit the bill perfectly. I did two 8-hour flights wearing these. That they look great too is a bonus.

30 Days Ago


No smell and perfect fit

30 Days Ago


This is the first mask that creates a tight fit. Love it.

30 Days Ago


Best fitting mask that I've found. Fits better than the paper blue masks and the Chinese KN95 masks. More expensive than the blue masks, but probably filters better.

30 Days Ago


Best fitting mask that I've found. Fits better than the paper blue masks and the Chinese KN95 masks. More expensive than the blue masks, but probably more efficient.

30 Days Ago


Fits great and are in a sealed package.

30 Days Ago


Good 👍